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Daydreams, for Kashmir




Tshopt, for silence.

like your Dal is a silent water of witness, 

no ripple or murmur, 


Durer, for distance

As in how do you measure the distance between 

my night and your darkness


Anigaet, for (this) darkness. 


Cith, for letter. 

Because the cell phones and the 

landlines are captured in Tshopt

So instead, I write you a letter 

Daydreams, for Kashmir 


Kashmir is  drowning, lover


one heavenly lake, swallowed                                                                    

one sprawling mountain, devoured

a hundred forced-martyrs,

              two nations claim


Survival is a stone-pelting game, lover


They have captured the dreamers 

                And their dreams


there are empty skull caps 

lining up for our hollow namaz

bodies bending on burning carpets

praying for death

Surrendering defeat.


Azaan is only a call to the terrorists, lover



clutching angry stones 

in place of hope

                 or home 

already state criminals

Identities only veils for warring souls

               burqa-covered faces 

               eyes too no longer free to see. 


We have occupied paradise, lover


Our country occupies their feet, 

                Their beautiful, rotting streets- 

Love must be a gunshot wound 

in our hallucinated boundaries


They hear the laughter of our bombs lover 


a prisoners’ cinema                     

in their landless daydreams. 

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